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Get Involved

Become a Sister

Are you a woman drawn to devote your life to the mission of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd? Can your prayer or action be a source of strength for those we serve? You can be an inspiration and agent of positive change through our ministries in education and training, social services, advocacy and awareness, prison ministry, youth development, and the many other outreach programs that support and empower those on the margins of society, particularly vulnerable girls, women, and children.

If you feel a stirring deep within you and experience God prompting you to join our mission, we invite you to enter into a deeper conversation with us. Explore with us if you are called to share your life as an apostolic or contemplative sister. We welcome you to reach out and contact your closest vocation director or send an email to

Become a Partner in Mission

Working together, we bring our skills, values, commitment, and passion to forward our charism and mission. Our shared journey offers opportunities for a deeper sense of belonging and mutual support in your personal, professional, and wider community life.

If you are a woman or man who wants to share in our mission and become part of our global Good Shepherd network, we invite you to reach out to contact your nearest community or ministry and enquire about what opportunities for engagement are open to you.

Become a Donor

Donate to the Central Fund

Support the communities of sisters working in some of the world’s most needy places. Your donation directly impacts their daily efforts to fight poverty and social injustice in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

With your support, the sisters can provide crucial medical care to the elderly and spearhead community projects often overlooked by larger initiatives. Your contribution becomes a beacon of hope, empowering these communities to create lasting change from within.

Donate to the Good Shepherd International Foundation

If you want to support generously to the Good Shepherd global mission and contribute to sustaining and developing our ministries and projects, consider making a donation through the Good Shepherd International Foundation (GSIF). 

Becoming part of this mission in this way will help us to continue to support programs that empower girls, women, and children who live in poverty, are exploited, abused, discriminated against, trafficked, or forced to migrate.

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our global presence

Africa and Middle East

Kenya, Congo, South Sudan, Uganda

Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion

Senegal, Burkina Faso 


Belgium, France, Hungary, Netherlands

Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain

Latin America

Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Honduras

Brazil, Paraguay

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