A Shared Mission of Safeguarding

A Shared Mission of Safeguarding

A Shared Mission of Safeguarding

A Shared Mission of Safeguarding

A Shared Mission of Safeguarding

A Shared Mission of Safeguarding


April was a welcome opportunity for the Congregational Safeguarding Team to bring together sisters and partners-in-mission working at the Generalate in Rome for safeguarding awareness training.

Fourteen mission partners listened and took part in role-play scenarios to better understand how the Congregational Code of Conduct must be put into practice in real-world situations.

During the three-hour session, facilitated by Sr Jane Nway, Congregational Safeguarding Coordinator, and Sandra Neville, Congregational Safeguarding Advisor, those present were challenged to address what steps they would take and what follow-up actions would be required if they were to witness or hear about inappropriate behavior.

It was an excellent opportunity for the Safeguarding Team to announce the new safeguarding contacts within the building. Sr. Helen Warburton, contact person for the Generalate community, and Valentina Galluzzi, Secretary for Spanish, have embraced the new role of Safeguarding Contact Person.

Inviting one sister and one partner-in-mission to carry out these important roles is an example of how the safeguarding team is embracing mission partnership in all aspects of the implementation of safeguarding practices. As one of the longest-standing partners-in-mission employed at the Generalate for over 20 years, Valentina said she felt privileged to carry out this role: “I am honored to be entrusted with this role and to provide this service in the field of safeguarding. For me, the practice of safeguarding is not just about the process of protecting children and vulnerable adults but a way of working that is integral to everything we do and how we do it. Regardless of our role, creating a safe space depends on us all and helps us live out our values and commitments”.

Sr. Jane spoke about the importance of such training for mission partners based at the Generalate as it offered those who work side by side the opportunity to share values and safeguarding principles while listening and learning from each other.

That same week, Samar Abou Assaly, Congregational Safeguarding Facilitator, and Sandra Neville facilitated a safeguarding refresher session for French-speaking sisters and partners-in-mission from the Units of Burkina Faso, Les Iles, Lebanon/Syria, Egypt, and New York/Toronto.

Over three days, these lively sessions offered participants the opportunity to review safeguarding standards from the Congregational Safeguarding Policy. Those present were able to deepen their understanding of the policy through reflecting on their roles and responsibilities in how they implement the policy and the standards in their countries, learning from each other’s challenging situations and positive outcomes.

Following these sessions, a further two-day case management training was delivered in person and online. Facilitated by Sandra Neville, this training attempted to look at how a culture of silence can be broken to ensure people will not hesitate to come forward to report concerns or allegations.

Throughout all the sessions, Sandra stressed the victim-centered approach which is at the heart of the Congregational Safeguarding Policy. She summed up safeguarding in two key points: never intentionally do harm to others, and if you experience harm to yourself or others know the steps to take to report your concerns.

If you have a safeguarding concern, make this known confidentially by sending an email to safeguarding@gssweb.org.


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