From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders

From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders

From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders

From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders

From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders

From Singapore to France: in the Footsteps of our Founders


by Sarah Elbisser, Heritage Manager, Motherhouse

Since its foundation, the Motherhouse in Angers, France, has welcomed sisters and partners-in-mission from around the world.

This month, from May 12 to 19, we welcomed 14 people from the Province of Singapore-Malaysia, composed of Sr Kelly Ngai Sui Hin and 13 partners-in-mission who serve as Board Directors and staff for the Marymount Centre and Marymount Convent School in Singapore.

The group had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history, spirituality, and heritage of the Congregation, and to rediscover its roots. Their stay included pilgrimages and sessions on the Congregation.

At the Motherhouse and in Noirmoutier, they visited the key places linked to Saint Mary Euphrasia.

Casmine Yeo Zhi Yi spoke about the lasting impression left on her in retracing the footsteps of Saint Mary Euphrasia’s childhood on the beautiful island of Noirmoutier. Working in children’s services, she is aware of how a child’s formative years impact the person they grow into. “It was wonderful”, she said, “that alongside the stories, we were also able to witness the setting in which our Mother Foundress spent her childhood”.

She also spoke about how it was “amazing to learn about the actual work she did in the Motherhouse back in her time, and how much it still resembles the work we do right now in sunny Singapore – after the passage of time and the distance of thousands of miles”.

They also followed in the footsteps of Saint John Eudes in the village of Ri and the community of Cormelles-le-Royal in Normandy, and Caen in the church of La Gloriette and the house where he lived and died.

Jane Marie Ng described it as “a profoundly moving experience that brought to life our founders and their values. The love and grace of God were very much in evidence every day and everywhere we went. This pilgrimage has enlivened me and filled me with renewed hope. We, at Marymount Centre in Singapore, stand on the shoulders of all those before us and trust in Jesus our Good Shepherd to keep us faithful in his mission.”

The week offered the pilgrims a better understanding of the life, work, and context in which our two founders carried out their mission, particularly that of Saint John Eudes, with whom they were less familiar.

Betty Lim Lai Yan spoke about how she was impacted and reminded “of the baton that has been passed to me as a partner-in-mission – to carry out the mission with an ardor of humility and love.”

As they return home to their ministries in Singapore, Ruby Gan Mei Hwa spoke of how “walking in the footsteps of Saint Mary Euphrasia and Saint John Eudes serves as a reminder of the unwavering charism and zealous works that they have pathed out for humanity. It gives us the strength to continue the mission for the decades – and centuries – ahead!”

Read the further personal reflections of Sr Kelly Ngai here and Ruby Gan here.


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