Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’

Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’

Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’

Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’

Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’

Spiritual Founders Pilgrimage: ‘Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart’


By Sr Kelly Ngai, Province of Singapore-Malaysia

I am grateful to my sisters in Singapore and Malaysia for sending me to share in this pilgrimage to France along with staff and board members of Marymount Centre and teachers of Marymount Convent School in Singapore.

The life stories of St Mary Euphrasia and St John Eudes, and the historical milestones of our Congregation, came alive in me through the beautiful storytelling of Sr Melania Jung and Sarah Elbisser. During the tours to Angers, Noirmoutier, Ri, and Caen, I felt as though I had traveled back to the time of our founders. This historical journey reminded me of my own journey and formation as a sister of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd. It was an honor and privilege to stand on holy ground.

“One Person is of More Value than the World”

Following in St Mary Euphrasia’s footsteps, I welcomed the team of pilgrims to our Motherhouse. I was attuned to each and every person’s needs, making them feel cared for, even though this was my first visit, too.

One of the activities that touched me most was the walk through the tunnel that our mother foundress and sisters had built within a short period of only three months. Before the pilgrimage, I heard meaningful stories from other past pilgrims to the Motherhouse, and I had a deep desire to experience the walk through the tunnel. However, on first entering the darkness of the tunnel I was overwhelmed by such inner darkness, unpleasant thoughts, doubts, and fears that I could not appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel.

The following day, I was determined to walk through the tunnel again. I spent time alone with our mother foundress, conversing with her about my fears, thoughts, worries, and sorrows. As I walked, I heard her discerning voice guide me to find solutions to obstacles, much like her own experience during the construction of the tunnel

Another blessed activity was the labyrinth walk. It opened my heart to the gentle voice of God, that I am a beloved child of God; to trust the Holy Trinity in all that I am and all that I do.

These experiences were wholesome. They rekindled my spirit and energized me to continue the mission founded by St Mary Euphrasia to be a Shepherdess for all. I found courage to face the future, seek the will of God in my life, and draw water joyfully from the spring of salvation.

Towards the end of our pilgrimage, we were brought to the famous green door. There, I felt reignited with zeal to carry on the mission entrusted to us: “I leave the institute into your hands; you will sustain it.”

We, as mission partners, are together in this mission, reaching out with compassion and respect, empowering each person to become whole and reach their full potential.


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