Marching to End Child Labor in India

Marching to End Child Labor in India

Marching to End Child Labor in India

Marching to End Child Labor in India

Marching to End Child Labor in India

Marching to End Child Labor in India


By Mr A. John Aruldass and Mr Nuthakki Dileep Kumar, Partners-in-Mission, Good Shepherd Convent, Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh, India (Province of Central East India and Nepal)

To mark the World Day Against Child Labor on June 12, and as a part of the Congregation’s ongoing campaign against child labor – which remains prevalent in the region – sisters and partners-in-mission organized a rally in Palnadu District of Andhra Pradesh, India.

As many as 168 people took part in the event, including NGO staff, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) staff, government officials, National Cadet Corps students, scouts, child development project officers, child protection officers, members of the press, and many girls, women, and children who engage with our OLCGS ministries.

Speeches made at the event by local politicians and government officials made special mention of the remarkable commitment of the sisters to the girls, women, and children in the region during the past 28 years.

In the opening speech, local politician Mr Shyam Prasad stressed how all adults are responsible for ensuring that children living in their area between 4 years to 18 years old attend school.

During the rally – which marched from the courthouse to the Zilla Parishad High School – participants raised banners and chanted slogans.

This event took place during a ‘month against child labor’ campaign that the police department and local authority carried out in the district, which involved police teams visiting local small businesses to check if they employ children.

As part of the awareness-raising efforts of this campaign, Sr Madhalai Vinnarasi, Good Shepherd Community Development Initiatives Director, Sr Gracy, Sub-site Director of CHALICE Child and Community and Child Sponsorship Programme, and partners-in-mission working at the Good Shepherd Convent were involved in the launch of a new poster campaign on June 11.

These posters have been displayed in public buildings and areas in and around Amaravathi to raise awareness among the general public on the issue of child labor and the role they can play in preventing it.

Even despite strict laws in India that make child labor a crime, it remains prevalent due to a lack of awareness among poverty-stricken families and unethical employers. However, we were very happy to see that parents – despite whatever financial difficulties they face – understand the importance of education for their children.

The number of girls enrolled at school has never been so high. We must strengthen this spirit and ensure that the rights for the protection, development, and participation of children must be ensured at all costs and at all levels.

Responding to the theme of this year’s World Day Against Child Labor – Let’s Act on Our Commitments: End Child Labor! – we must all become aware of our duty to work for the rights of children and be committed to ensuring their wellbeing and safeguarding.


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