Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School

Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School

Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School

Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School

Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School

Graduation day in Vietnam at Tan Son Nhi Charity School


By Myriam Theresa Như Trang, Province of East Asia

On May 24, another generation of talented students celebrated the end of the 2023-2024 school year during a festive graduation ceremony at Tan Son Nhi Elementary Charity School in Vietnam.

It was an emotional time for the teachers to see their young students in graduation gowns as their brilliant learning journey at the school came to an end.

Teachers recalled the children arriving at the school on their very first day in Grade 1, welcoming them again in Grade 2, and how now – suddenly – they were officially graduating from elementary school having finished the last semester of Grade 5.

During their time at the Tan Son Nhi Charity School, the students have enjoyed many interesting experiences alongside their teachers and friends – which have included learning to play the organ, dance, draw, and care for the environment.

From the Mid-Autumn Festival to the Spring Fair, teachers, and volunteers work with the students, cheering them on and creating a positive learning environment that supports the children to develop their strengths and encourages them to become emotionally aware.

For all those who work at the school, it is extremely important to create a safe and meaningful space for these children who often come from difficult circumstances.

The moment parents watch their children walk up to receive their diplomas is truly precious. One parent – a single mother who sells lottery tickets to make a living – held a teacher’s hand with tears of gratitude streaming down her face. She was grateful for her child to have the opportunity to go to school and emotional to be able to witness the graduation ceremony in person.

The principal of the school awarded the students with their diplomas. In his speech of congratulations, he spoke of the many challenges in life but how the students must trust that there will be people around them offering them support and encouragement during their years in education ahead.

Following the principal’s speech one of the student representatives, Chi Van, thanked the teachers, volunteers, parents, and his school friends.

The students will now begin a new stage in their journey, with new challenges and opportunities on the horizon. All parents, teachers, and volunteers are convinced that these students leave with a solid foundation in education and are more confident and steadfast on their journey to conquer success.


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